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Screened Professionals

We prioritize your peace of mind, which is why each partner on our platform undergoes a screening process to ensure they meet our high standards of professionalism and expertise.

Non-binding Consultation

By completing our form, you not only gain access to our partner database but also have the opportunity to request a free and non-binding consultation with up to three experts. This provides you with a unique chance to discuss your needs directly with the expert to ensure a perfect match.

Tailored Solution

Your financial needs are unique, which is why our partners are prepared to deliver customized solutions that align with your requirements. Whether you're a small or large corporation in need of comprehensive accounting, our partners are equipped to address your specific needs.

What kind of bookkeeping do you need help with?

A bookkeeper can help with many things. Our fast-growing, nationwide network can accommodate every need - for every budget!

Small Business Bookkeeping

When you need financial statements prepared and need to file your tax return, a bookkeeper can make sure that all figures are correct and that all deductions have been utilized. A bookkeeper can also advise on investments, savings and other financial matters, while ensuring that all rules are complied with.

Bookkeeping for Freelancers

A bookkeeper can prepare payroll accounts, prepare financial statements for audits, and provide financial advice. Even if you have financial staff hired, there are many accounting tasks that your regular staff may not have time to take care of, which you can hire a bookkeeper to perform.

Bookkeeping for Organizations

Organizations such as churches that may not be registered in a nonprofit status can be of great benefit from using bookkeeping services. A bookkeeper will help you track contributions correctly and can assist in creating a helpful yearly budget to make the most of your group. A good bookkeeper can also help your organization qualify for a loan should the need arise for your next big project.

Corporate Bookkeeping

Corporations have a complex chain of management and at times, financial records are many. This means that such an organization has a department to guarantee perfection in a particular issue.

Nonprofit Bookkeeping

For nonprofits, proper bookkeeping is crucial. Complicated invoices and income sources can put good intentioned volunteers out of their league. Ageras can find you a bookkeeper experienced with helping nonprofits with the specific help they need.

Full Charge Bookkeeping

Full charge bookkeepers can manage your business's payroll, handle deposits, and create monthly financial reports. This special service goes beyond the basic scope of bookkeeping, so be on the lookout for specialized full charge bookkeepers should the need arise.

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